Why Join My List

Why Join My ListWhy Join My List


I ask myself the same question, every time I see that invitation to join another list. Well I’d like to provide value to you in the following areas:

Self-Publishing – as I’m learning new stuff, I’ll pass that onto you. I have spent so much time and money learning about this topic it is absolute shocking. So I believe I can save you some time, shortcut your learning curve and give you some insight as well on kindle and other publishing platforms.

Sustainable Living – What does it mean, why should you care, how to start down the path, what difference will it make, etc.  A new field to me, I’ve been like a toddler, exploring and asking questions and WOW this is a big elephant. I have found topics that make me cringe because I didn’t know something was harming my health, environment, etc.  and I’ll share those with you. Plus this field has lots of opportunities for you to improve the quality of your life.

Career & Jobs – This is an area of expertise for me, with over 25 years of working in this field. I have some free and not free information to share with you that often professionals don’t talk about.

Self-Improvement – As we all strive to get better, there are best practices that have helped each of us grow ourselves, overcome obstacles and position us for ultimate success.

Creative Exploitation – I’ll talk about how you can creatively exploit your talents.  More on that later. This will be called “I Decided to Create” and cover my personal journey in this area.

So you will receive advance notice for an inside peek, keep up to date on new blog posts, new work, advance publishing releases, great finds, exclusive tips, useful products and advice. Here the deal though – I will only send emails when I’ve got something to say.

I don’t do hype. So it that’s what you are looking for, sorry. But if you would like to join my list, and be part of my journey, I’d be honored to have you. Oh, and joining my list is free.

Simply enter your name and email address below or in the sidebar  to join my list. When you do, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. At any time you may also remove yourself from my mailing list.




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