What To Write About – Topic Selection

3D-Women-Darn-01Trying to decide what to write about. Here are several broad topic prompts to get you started.

  • Expertise – do you have a special skill, or knowledge base that people want to know about?
  • Interest/Passions – skating, canning, gardening, photography, golf, etc.
  • Experiences – surviving a challenging time in you life, workplace, travel, etc.
  • What’s hot or trending (look at google trends for ideas)
  • First mover (yup be the first to write a quality piece on a topic)
  • Information gap (people are looking for simple, or technical, or researched information on a topic)

Still struggling, then write about the events of the day, or discussions you’ve had with people, a problem you solved, anything odd, a question for which you need an answer, a video or movie you recently watched, anything funny, etc ┬áBy now your mind juices will be flowing