Job vs A Career

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Having a career means you have education, experience, and jobs in one field or career cluster. What you have is helping you advance in pay, level of responsibility and position. You are going somewhere – up the company ladder. Or some might call a “rising star”.

You plan your career. Kind of like playing a game of checkers. You have a long term goal in mind and how every step you make is moving you closer to your goal. Keep in mind that your career, can include working for yourself, being your own boss. Then you control your game of checkers.

So you don’t have a career, but just a job you say. Your resume looks like alphabet soup, because all your jobs have been different. No growth, but you just move from job to job.  You just go to work, and collect a paycheck. Well, let me tell you that, be encouraged. Look at each job as a puzzle. You are learning something from every job, that helps you get the next job. You can still build up time at a job, and look for the common skills you  utilize on every job. There could be a career path in the making. Hmm, for one – interpersonal skills, agility, organizational, coordination or multi-tasking, listening. All of these are valuable.

Whether a career or job it is a  journey that requires committment, consistency, a positive attitude and getting the job done. Either way the experience can be used in the future as you take the lessons you are learing and then apply them.