Welcome to my website. I have to chuckle at myself, because I thought I had saved this page. I hadn’t and didn’t even realize it. So thanks for stopping by, by whatever means you arrived. I hope to encourage you, provide you with useful information that will enhance your life, and make you a friend to my site. I’ve been wanting to begin a dialogue for several years, but the timing wasn’t right for me. At least that is my final answer – the timing wasn’t right.

Now an empty nester and a grandparent I see myself morphing again. Having a personal place in the online world is totally different, yet it provides such an opportunity to continue to grow.

I’ve gotten rid of most of the clutter in our home, I am now getting down to what is most important and of value to me and my husband.  As I have alway loved to write and talk, I have an opportunity to talk with people around the world making a difference with each letter that is typed.

If any of you are up for the adventure, please join me.

Please leave your comments, questions, as I will respond back. As life is a work in progress, so is this.




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