About Me

I wanted to start this personal blog, to be able to share some off topic as well on topic subjects. The world is intellectually growing at twilight pace, that it is easy to miss the simple pleasures, critical happenings, life changing conversations.

So, knowing I will only catch and communicate a snippet, I hope that you join me on my journey for the rest of our lives. Having had the opportunity to travel with my family growing up, as a military child, I learned how to look at the world around me from several perspectives. Being encouraged by loving parents, who were driven to make sure all of us children understood and embraced the values they were teaching us, I have realized that some of that stuff rubbed off.

Experiencing college, getting married early, having children and a diverse career has taught me to really not judge “people by that I see” but rather to connect what I hear and what I personally experience together. Yet with people, there are always surprises.

I am now a “Machi” (grandmother) and am loving this stage in life. It can be breathtaking, introspective, reflective, yet at the same time dynamic, surreal, and magical.

I love and appreciate that I am alive to see history being made almost daily. I refer to myself as the “Happy Morph Maven”. The best is yet to come, as you speak truth and life into your vision. Then go make it happen.



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