Do This To Improve Your Writing Productivity

Does your mind wander when you are start to write? What are you thinking about? Now this is after you’ve have specific intention to focus and continue to write your masterpiece. So what happened? What are you thinking about?
– Calls that you needed to returned
– Appointments that you needed to make or keep.
– Dishes that are piling up
– Family responsibilities, pulling you in several directions.
– The dreaded paper task of filing.
Whatever it is, you like me get distracted. So what is a writer to do? In 2014 you can change the level of your productivity, so you can write that bestselling novel, or e-book, but you must take action.

DELEGATE…..that’s right, “Delegate”………. 

Here is the definition as an action work:

entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself.
“he delegates routine tasks”

synonyms: assign, entrust, pass on, hand on/over, turn over, devolve, depute,transfer

Saying this another way; find someone who will do what you don’t want to do, have time to do, are scared to do, etc. The ‘someone’ can be a person, a business offering a particular needed service that will not only free up your time, but more importantly your mind. If you are saying you can’t afford to pay someone, barter for what you need. I’ve done it before, and it works. It is a win-win situation. Remove any reason that could double as an excuse. Delegate to get the benefit of your writing and meet your objective. You can do this.

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