Other Silly Poems – For Valentine’s Day and Anytime

Thanks for getting, “I Love You More..” Following are other silly poems you can enjoy with your child (children).

I Love You So Well

I love you,

I love you,

I love you so well.

If I had a peanut

I’d give you the shell.


5 Little Valentines

5 little valentines just for you

The first one says, “My love is true.”

The second one says, “You have my heart.”

The third one says, “We’ll never part.”

The fourth one says, “Won’t you please be mine?”

The fifth one says, “‘Til the end of time.”


And this one from here:  http://www.loveblender.com/poetry/valentine.html


 Chipmunks jump, and

Greensnakes slither.

Rather burst than

Not be with her.

 Bluebirds fight, but

Bears are stronger.

We’ve got fifty

Years or longer.

Hoptoads hop, but

Hogs are fatter.

Nothing else but

Us can matter.

-Donald Hall

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