Your Strategic Writing Plan for 2013

Your strategic writing plan should be done for 2013. If not you still have a few weeks. Planning in advance allows you to:

  • incorporate a true schedule for the entire year
  • consider personal family, work, volunteer, etc. obligations
  • have clearly defined goals with actionable objectives and steps
  • manage and see your progress
  • identify and solve problems as you move foward

So, what should you consider in this plan. At a minimum decide if:

  • you are going to write for a specific markets(s), and what that market(s) will be
  • is your writing for profit or pleasure or legacy
  • how many books you plan to write

If you approach this with an open attitude, your plan will have the same organized intensity as if you were planning an important trip, making a purchasing decision, handling your finances, etc.

So, get moving. The end of they year will be here very soon.




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