Are You Kidding Me! – Personal Rantations

“Are You Kidding Me” will cover personal rantations (my made- up word), or things that have occurred that might make your head stand up on your head.

Well this week, someone posted on Facebook some information from their place of employment. Basically they were responding to another individual on Facebook about how they didn’t understand why they were in trouble.  Their friend took a picture of some private information from their place work, hid the names, then put a picture of it  on Facebook.


Privacy violation. Employer hysteria. When given feedback, they replied that it wasn’t the persons real information. However, the does not eliminate the problem. So, I explained to them that they were at work, on company time, posting company images on Facebook.  Even if they actually did not violate anyones’ privacy, the very act of what they did puts them in jeopardy of being reprimanded. Furthermore, the person who they were pranking, could contact the employer and complain. With the level of technology, and cameras it is very easy to track everything that is done in any environment.

Clearly, although they thought it was funny, there could be serious repercussions. ” Are you kidding me!” was my response.


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