Kindle Publishing Journey

If you have subscribe to any online writing and publishing group, I would almost guarantee that you have been inundated with all types of topics like:

  • How to Publish a Kindle Bestseller
  • Publish your next book on Kindle
  • The next fiction superstar on kindle – that’s you
  • Kindle KDP Program – it’s good, it’s bad…
  • How I made “x” number of dollars publishing on Kindle
  • Be an Amazon publisher in __ steps and on and on.

If you are like me, you were compelled to purchase everything you could possibly get your hands on for free, sign up and participate in every webinar you could possibly squeeze in as time allowed, buy what seemed relevant, and now you are on overload.  Been there already, done that and now I’m finally down to business. The business of doing what I enjoy, telling stories with words. So I’ve decided to apply very specifically, what I’ve learned so far to take the steam off the mirror.

I have republished a book my husband and I published back in 2002. The information is still timely and still relevant.  I have updated the cover, and formatted it for kindle. Yes I said Kindle.  However, I am going to share with you the other stuff I am doing in terms of promotion, etc. So join me the next several weeks to see what happens. Hopefully, you can use this to help you be successful.

Let me say, I am not going to teach you anything new. There truly is a lot of free information already out there as well as some paid information. There are no secrets, just folks that are trying to curate a developing niche in different formats. One of the realizations I had recently is that some of the so called “experts” are practicing on us, and making money off our need to understand.  What has been really irritating is that not one course provided a complete picture. There is a lot of pitching upsells and other related products. After a while I lost focus on my original goal – to publish both fiction and nonfiction content.

So, I will post an update, every couple of days, telling you what is happening.  The book that I am republishing is, Before You Say “I Do”, 51 Questions to Ask Your Potential Spouse.  The timing of this was slightly prompted by my pastor, who declared September 2012 as “Relationship Month”.

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