Stop the Madness Learn To Focus

Mind power is undeniably powerful but it is principally unproductive without another constituent –focus. Our energies must be well channelized in the correct order to make them more functional. Unlike nature’s powers which cannot be caged and deflected, the human mind is free and more potent than any other power around us. It is extremely painful to see a person with potential, squander the possibility of a successful existence and end up living an average life. Our cognitive powers are ineffectual unless we learn how to focus on our goals and build up positive energy. The first step to learn how to focus is indulging in unwavering concentration. In actual fact focus is nothing but protracted concentration.

Focus is very important for people looking to lose weight. Spending all the time thinking about junk binging is a constant worry which most people find hard to deal with. There are four ways which will be of assistance to you to focus on weight control

  • Focus hard and picture yourself thin – Before starting with a work out plan frame a picture of your slim body and bear it in mind recurrently. Remember, no one can underestimate your mind power.
  • Eat neat- Focus on your eating habits and food weaknesses. Don’t let any temptations overpower your self-control.
  • Acknowledge help-Do not be hesitant to accept positive reinforcement and never avoid a question even if it hurts as it will help you to become stronger in your efforts.
  • Be your best buddy- Focus well on your strengths and weaknesses and let yourself down. Take pride in what you are and what you stand for.

When you try to solve a jigsaw puzzle, what is important? It is purely with focus that you can put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Our lives are similar to that puzzle and ultimately we get what we focus on. Before you focus, there is something that you need to do first. This will be shared in the next article.

The Story Line

night time flowerI was reading somewhere that you should create your characters first, develop their individual conflict within the story, etc. I try to follow a planned process, but then there are times when I may free write just a little. I agree that you must follow a defined process in creating a story with a nice flow. What do you do?

What To Write About – Topic Selection

3D-Women-Darn-01Trying to decide what to write about. Here are several broad topic prompts to get you started.

  • Expertise – do you have a special skill, or knowledge base that people want to know about?
  • Interest/Passions – skating, canning, gardening, photography, golf, etc.
  • Experiences – surviving a challenging time in you life, workplace, travel, etc.
  • What’s hot or trending (look at google trends for ideas)
  • First mover (yup be the first to write a quality piece on a topic)
  • Information gap (people are looking for simple, or technical, or researched information on a topic)

Still struggling, then write about the events of the day, or discussions you’ve had with people, a problem you solved, anything odd, a question for which you need an answer, a video or movie you recently watched, anything funny, etc  By now your mind juices will be flowing

Job vs A Career

Why Join My ListWhat Do You Have?

Having a career means you have education, experience, and jobs in one field or career cluster. What you have is helping you advance in pay, level of responsibility and position. You are going somewhere – up the company ladder. Or some might call a “rising star”.

You plan your career. Kind of like playing a game of checkers. You have a long term goal in mind and how every step you make is moving you closer to your goal. Keep in mind that your career, can include working for yourself, being your own boss. Then you control your game of checkers.

So you don’t have a career, but just a job you say. Your resume looks like alphabet soup, because all your jobs have been different. No growth, but you just move from job to job.  You just go to work, and collect a paycheck. Well, let me tell you that, be encouraged. Look at each job as a puzzle. You are learning something from every job, that helps you get the next job. You can still build up time at a job, and look for the common skills you  utilize on every job. There could be a career path in the making. Hmm, for one – interpersonal skills, agility, organizational, coordination or multi-tasking, listening. All of these are valuable.

Whether a career or job it is a  journey that requires committment, consistency, a positive attitude and getting the job done. Either way the experience can be used in the future as you take the lessons you are learing and then apply them.

Coconut Oil – Benefits

Cracked Coconut9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily – (3 of these are shocking)!!!

Many of us have used coconut oil for various reasons. You may have eaten it, put it in smoothies, used it in your hair, or even cooked with it.  However, this one fruit in particular – the coconut – is so abundant in its healing properties it’s referred to is “the tree of life.” And before World War II, people living in island countries, like the Philippines, consumed a diet that consisted mainly of rice, root crops, vegetables and an abundance of the ultra-healing superfood, the coconut.

The coconut is a “functional food” rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber – the essential nutritional building blocks for perfect health. This book, :The Coconut Oil Secret: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood will give you a lot of information and is worth checking out. Click Here!

10 Useful Tips On How To Write

Here are 10 useful tips on how to write from the man considered ‘the father of advertising’ – Business Insider Mon, 04 Jan 2016 17:46:23 GMT

Business Insider- Here are 10 useful tips on how to write from the man considered ‘the father of advertising ‘Business Insider On Sunday, Ogilvy & Mather shared Ogilvy’s useful 10 tips on “How to Write” on its LinkedIn page. Most Mad Men practically have …

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Do This To Improve Your Writing Productivity

Does your mind wander when you are start to write? What are you thinking about? Now this is after you’ve have specific intention to focus and continue to write your masterpiece. So what happened? What are you thinking about?
– Calls that you needed to returned
– Appointments that you needed to make or keep.
– Dishes that are piling up
– Family responsibilities, pulling you in several directions.
– The dreaded paper task of filing.
Whatever it is, you like me get distracted. So what is a writer to do? In 2014 you can change the level of your productivity, so you can write that bestselling novel, or e-book, but you must take action.

DELEGATE…..that’s right, “Delegate”………. 

Here is the definition as an action work:

entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself.
“he delegates routine tasks”

synonyms: assign, entrust, pass on, hand on/over, turn over, devolve, depute,transfer

Saying this another way; find someone who will do what you don’t want to do, have time to do, are scared to do, etc. The ‘someone’ can be a person, a business offering a particular needed service that will not only free up your time, but more importantly your mind. If you are saying you can’t afford to pay someone, barter for what you need. I’ve done it before, and it works. It is a win-win situation. Remove any reason that could double as an excuse. Delegate to get the benefit of your writing and meet your objective. You can do this.

Other Silly Poems – For Valentine’s Day and Anytime

Thanks for getting, “I Love You More..” Following are other silly poems you can enjoy with your child (children).

I Love You So Well

I love you,

I love you,

I love you so well.

If I had a peanut

I’d give you the shell.


5 Little Valentines

5 little valentines just for you

The first one says, “My love is true.”

The second one says, “You have my heart.”

The third one says, “We’ll never part.”

The fourth one says, “Won’t you please be mine?”

The fifth one says, “‘Til the end of time.”


And this one from here:


 Chipmunks jump, and

Greensnakes slither.

Rather burst than

Not be with her.

 Bluebirds fight, but

Bears are stronger.

We’ve got fifty

Years or longer.

Hoptoads hop, but

Hogs are fatter.

Nothing else but

Us can matter.

-Donald Hall

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